What is Dog Spies?

We are constantly spying on dogs, trying to 

figure out what makes them tick. When not

sniffing, eating or snoozing, dogs are often

spying on us! Dog Spies brings you the 

science behind this mutual fascination.

Scientific inquiry into dogs has grown

exponentially since the 1950s. This research is

vast and incorporates animal behavior

(ethology), psychology, zoology, archaeology

and genetics, among other fields.

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In Dog Cognition News...

~ My latest in the Nov. 2013 issue of The Bark,

   ‘Six Great Minds On Dogs.’

~ Something is being resurrected. The Dodo is set

   to fly real soon... thedodo.com

~ Such fun speaking at APDT 2013 in Spokane,

   WA. Check out #APDT2013 for highlights.

   Getting artsy photo by @elkabong1315. Thanks!

~ New Publication in Learning & Motivation!

   Horowitz, A., Hecht, J., Dedrick, A. 2013.

   Smelling more or less:

   Investigating the olfactory

   experience of the dog

~ On Twitter? Me too!

   Dog Spies

   Do You Believe in Dog?


What good is this nifty dog research if it

remains stuck in dense and impenetrable 

scientific journals?

And, when you ask Google a dog behavior

question, is Google feeding you sound

information or misinformation?

Get to know dogs on their terms. This approach can enrich our relationships with our four-legged friends!

I look forward to talking dogs with you! ~ Julie Hecht, MSc, Applied Ethologist