What people are saying...


I feel like I have a better understanding of dogs,

and therefore, my own dog.

    Jay B., New York

Thank you for coming to speak at the club. 

It was everything I/we could have asked for -- informational and entertaining.

Laura Hill, Board Member, Port Chester Obedience Training Club

Julie’s lecture on dog cognition was engaging and informative. The research being done is of great value to trainers, owners and ethologists.

    Jill MacKay, PhD Student

Scottish Agriculture College

Dog Spies on NBC!

Animal enthusiasts enjoyed a Dog Spies talk at

Carroll College Anthrozoology Program

Dog lovers from seasoned scientists to high school students have told me how much they enjoyed

and benefitted from her lecture.  

Dr. Leslie Angel, Carroll College

Anthrozoology Program

You have a great presentational style,

very professional and casual at the same time.

    Rachel Hott, PhD

Co-director The NLP Center of New York

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