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*True belief held by Julie.

Dog Spies is brought to you by Julie Hecht, MSc. Right now this site has nothing to do with Dogs Pies, but do check back, because you never know. When I’m not baking pies...

  1. * Canine Behavioral Researcher & Lab Manager: Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab,

   Barnard College, NYC. We investigate the perspective of companion dogs

   and publish findings in scientific journals. Live in the NYC area?

   Join our studies! Follow on Facebook

  1. * Public Speaker: Lectures on dog behavior & cognition. Visit Events

  1. * Researcher: Research assistant to Dr. Patricia McConnell

  1. * Adjunct Professor: Teach Applied Animal Behavior to Anthrozoology

   Masters students at Canisius College

  1. * Science Writer: Member of NASW. Articles found on

   Science!, Blogs (Dog Spies and DYBID?) and The Bark!

  1. * PhD Student: CUNY. Masters in Applied Animal

   Behaviour & Animal Welfare, University of Edinburgh

  1. * Past Research: Masters research with the Family Dog Project 

   in Budapest on the “guilty look” in dogs. Visit Science!


  Based in NYC and travels the globe talking dogs.

  DogSpies@gmail.com     Twitter @DogSpies    Facebook