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Past Academic Visits

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Michigan

Lafayette College, PA

Oakland Public Library, CA

South Bronx Academy for Applied Media, NYC

The Lang School, NYC

American Museum of Natural History, NYC

The Dome, NYC

Henry Street Settlement, NYC

PS 217, NYC

Missoula International School, MT

Carroll College, MT

Dog Spies in the Classroom

“Wolves are evil skin eaters!” proclaimed an exuberant 5th grader at the beginning of a Dog Spies guest lecture. An hour and forty-five minutes later, he and his peers had a more realistic understanding of the dog’s ancestor.

Dog Spies is dedicated to giving kids the tools to appreciate and understand non-human species. During Dog Spies programs, kids engage in the scientific method and get to know dogs’ complex inner worlds. Science becomes less intimidating and accessible when the main subject is a dog. Topics which could be “boring” or challenging become engaging, accessible and most importantly, memorable.

Successful, respectful and safe relationships are at the core of Dog Spies programs. Empathy and compassion are prioritized and supported during all events.

Our interactive programs complement in-class learning. We bring to life the scientific method, psychology, zoology, evolution and more. Dog Spies reaches students of all ages, from 5 to 105.

Popular options include guest lectures, special assemblies, multi-day units and after-school programs. Most requested are live demonstrations of studies (with dogs!).

Be in touch to discuss programs and rates.

Dog Science in the Classroom?

What does that look like?